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Self-Extinguishing Ashtray: The Ultimate Smoking Companion

Are you tired of constantly worrying about leaving a lit cigarette unattended? Introducing the Self-Extinguishing Ashtray, the ultimate solution for smokers who value safety and convenience. This innovative product is designed to automatically extinguish your cigarette, ensuring a worry-free smoking experience.

Features and Benefits

- Automatic Extinguishing: No more accidental fires or lingering smoke odors. The Self-Extinguishing Ashtray automatically snuffs out your cigarette after a predetermined time, providing peace of mind and a safer environment.

- Sleek and Stylish Design: Available in three elegant colors – silver, green, and white – this ashtray seamlessly blends with any decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

- Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Self-Extinguishing Ashtray is built to last, ensuring years of reliable use.

- Compact and Portable: With a net weight of 215g (0.47 lbs) and a gross weight of 270g (0.60 lbs), this ashtray is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

- Convenient Size: The packing specification of 24.41 x 17.91 x 2.36 inches (62 x 45.5 x 6 cm) ensures efficient storage and transportation.

Easy to Use

Using the Self-Extinguishing Ashtray is a breeze. Simply place your lit cigarette in the designated area, and the ashtray will automatically extinguish it after a set time, preventing any potential hazards. No more worrying about forgetting to put out your cigarette or leaving it unattended.

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Upgrade your smoking experience with the Self-Extinguishing Ashtray. Order yours today and enjoy a safer, more convenient way to indulge in your favorite pastime. Please note that this product does not come with batteries, so you'll need to prepare two AA batteries separately.

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