Who We Are

Who We Are

The Power Through Peace and Unity Store is a primary initiative of BlackBrownBeautiful.com. A Cooperative Agreement providing multiple platforms for the distribution of Native Black-Owned products, goods and services.

BlackBrownBeautiful.com is a Black-Owned Business Directory that highlights and promotes the products and services of partner companies, increasing their visibility and customer base.

At the Power Through Peace & Unity Store, we believe that by pooling a portion of each purchase into these initiatives, we can create a self-sustaining ecosystem that empowers Black businesses, builds generational wealth, and promotes economic justice and unity.

We invite you, as an entry-level or seasoned Black entrepreneur, to join us in this transformative journey and be a part of the change we seek to create.

Our Key Goals

As an integral part of the Power Through Peace & Unity Initiative, our key goals are:

Providing a platform to showcase and support Black-owned businesses

  • We aim to create a “Global Melanated Marketplace” where Black entrepreneurs can sell their products and services.
  • We offer affordable retail space, marketing assistance, and business development workshops to help new Black-owned businesses thrive.

Eliminating financial barriers for Black entrepreneurs

  • We recognize the “tremendous obstacles” Black entrepreneurs face in creating generational wealth due to lack of access to capital and assets.
  • We seek to address these barriers by providing resources and support to help Black businesses become sustainable and scalable.

Promoting unity and community empowerment

  • We are part of a “movement which prioritizes building tangible assets for our Own Community in the present, with sustainability for the future generations.”
  • We aim to help Black entrepreneurs become “part of an active movement” and build a strong, self-sufficient Black business community.

Leveraging technology and digital platforms

  • Our Power Through Peace & Unity Store is described as an “interconnected digital & streaming platform” for showcasing Black-owned businesses.
  • We help entrepreneurs by connecting them with and growing their online audience in the retail marketplace.
  • We provide multiple digital platforms for the distribution of Black-owned products, services and commentary.

We Accept Most Major Forms of Payment

We Accept Most Major Forms of Payment

What We Do

Providing Guidance

We’ve partnered with MindingMy.Business, BuildBlackOwned.com and Alison Courses to establish a Black Entrepreneur Mentorship Program. The purpose of the program is to provide guidance and support to aspiring Black business owners, helping them navigate challenges such as branding, vendor procurement, and best business practices. While the program is entering its final formative stages, free business management courses, free to try and open-source tools are readily available to jumpstart business growth in BuildBlackOwned.com’s Build Session Toolbox.

Creating a Black-Owned Business Incubator 

The Power Through Peace and Unity Store offers affordable retail space, marketing assistance, and business development workshops to help new Black-owned companies grow and succeed. As we continue to develop our initiatives, we will empower Black-Owned Business to thrive in the global marketplace.

Build Black Owned Enterprises

We Practice Group Economics

Group Economics is vital to the Black Community’s ability to thrive. We believe by sharing our cumulative revenue throughout our community we will establish economic stability. Building our own self-sustaining ecosystem is at the heart of every action we take. This is why we have partnered with Build Black Owned to establish our Affiliate Program.

Our Affiliate Program rewards our community for spreading the word about us. For every purchase made from a link shared we provide a generous fifteen-percent commission to our community members.

Cooperative Building

Developing a Black-Owned Business Cooperative 

We are developing a Black-Owned Business Cooperative that leverages collective buying power to negotiate better wholesale prices and terms, allowing partners to be more competitive and profitable.

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