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Hemlock Mini One Person Sauna Room Far Infrared Door on the Left of the Indoor

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UPC: 4890075072929
Hemlock Mini one person far infrared door on the left of the indoor sauna room
Power plug: US standard/European standard(15A) Power cable length: 2M Rated power supply: 60Hz /120V Number of heating panels :6P Rated power: 1050W The lowest temperature range: 25°C The highest temperature range:60°C Fahrenheit and Celsius convert:Yes Temperature protection: 110 degrees°C EMF: 3-10 Control system: LCD display, touch control Audio System: Bluetooth Audio ,Bluetooth Equipment Name: BT Speaker Other configurations: LED Reading light The function of timing and temperature: Yes Ventilator scoop: Yes Waterproof:No Main material: Hemlock Heating material: Far infrared heating panels Packaging method: foam, PP corner guard panel, compartment cardboard, carton and other packaging Seat load: 200kg Applicable height: 150-190cm
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