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JANSNO X50 Electric Bike with a Powerful 750W Brushless Motor, Long-Lasting 48V 12.8A Battery, 20 Inch Fat Tires, 7-Speed Shimano Gear System 26MPH Snow Beach Mountain Electric Bicycle

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Product Features

Working Modes

Pedal Assist Mode: The motor assists you with a moderate amount of power as you pedal the bicycle.

Full Electric Mode: Twist the throttle to choose the power level (in increments) for the motor, providing a range of 20-40 miles per full charge.

Pedal Mode: Pedal the bicycle normally as you would any bicycle.

Battery and Power

48V/14AH larger-capacity lithium batteries.

Range of 20-40 miles per full charge.

Removable battery for convenient recharging at home or office.

750W High-speed brushless motor with a top speed of 25 mph.

High Precision Engineering Design

Frame made of high-carbon steel, capable of climbing 30-degree inclines.

Tire: 20" * 4.0 snow tires with enhanced anti-skidding and wear-resistant features.

Suitable for all-terrain, snow, sand, and gravel roads.

Front and rear mechanical disc brakes for safety and peace of mind.

X50 Electric bicycle
X50 performance characteristics
①. 750W high -speed brushless motor, helping you unlock various possibilities
②.14AH LG3200MA BATTERY to keep your battery life worry-free.
③.The maximum speed can reach 45km/h, gives the feeling of flying!
Fork Comfort Shock Absorption
Adopting high-quality front and rear dual shock absorption accessories, it adapts to various road bumps, reduces bumps, reduces impacts, and provides you with a comfortable travel experience.
750W Motor
750W high-speed brushless motor provides very strong power, the motor has a long life, the starting speed is faster, the top speed can reach25mph/h.
High-Capacity, Cells Removable Lithium Battery
Fat Tire Electric Bike Comes with48V/14AH larger-capacity lithium batteries and a longer lifetime, covering a range of 20-40miles per full charge Removable battery, convenient to bring home or office to recharge.
High Speed Motor
Energy saving increases battery life Low noise at high speed.
Advantages Of Tires
Wheel width 20X40, strong spanning ability. Strong Anti-Collapse Ability The contact area between the wheel and the ground is better and the anti-slump ability is stronger.
X50 Configuration
Model number X50
Frame High-carbon steel
Color Grey
Electric bicycle dimensions 168cm*69cm*114cm
Motor 750W Motor
Battery 48V 14Ah Original LG lthium-ion battery
Speed level ①.19km/h ②.27km/h ③.34km/h ④.40km/h ⑤.48km/h
Charging time 6-8hours
Max Speed 40KM(below 65kg)
Max load 120KG
Climbing alility 25'slope
Brake Disc brakes
Lcd Display speed/level/battery/ range
Light Lcd Display/Front light/Rrear light/Tuming light
Tire 20 inch front wheel /20 inch rear wheel
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