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Lige 360 AMOLED HD Screen Watch For Men Smart Watch Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch 2023 Fashion Business Clock New Smartband Man

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This is the latest smart watch of this year, this is a high-definition screen AMOLED smart watch, a smart watch with Bluetooth answering calls, making calls, rejecting calls and many other functions.

This smart watch has a variety of functions and is suitable for a variety of places. The smart watch can be given to yourself, family and friends as a gift.

Key features of this smartwatch: This device offers a variety of features including the ability to answer or make calls, heart rate monitoring, and tracking of blood pressure and oxygen levels. It also provides sleep tracking, a pedometer, calorie consumption records, exercise duration tracking, and connectivity to WeChat. Additional functionalities include exercise reminders, call alerts with message display, push notifications, remote control for camera operation, automatic heart rate testing, multiple sports modes, sedentary reminders, and alarm settings.

This smartwatch wallpaper page: This default 4 dials, the APP can customize the wallpaper, and then you can put your favorite photos on the watch as wallpapers.

Languages that this smartwatch supports or comes with: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, Ukrainian

This smart watch supports mobile phone system: Android 4.4 and above, IOS8.4 and above 8.4. This picture is the simple connection steps of this smart watch. If there is any problem in the use process, please contact the customer service, who will send you the connection steps, video or electronic instructions.

6 Reasons to choose us: 1. HD large screen .1.32 inches 360*360pxHD TFT large screen 2. Can answer calls, make calls, refuse to answer calls 3. This smart watch has the function of playing music, you can play music directly through the watch 4. This smart watch has a heart rate test function 5. The smart watch comes with a charger, you can charge the watch 6. This smart watch has a variety of sports modes. Smart Watch Plays Music: This smartwatch has a microphone and speaker. The correct connection between the mobile phone and the watch is successful, and you can play music directly through the watch.

Smartwatch can answer calls: Supports free answering of Bluetooth calls, freeing hands, the watch is connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and the mobile phone can choose to answer or reject when the phone calls. Whether it's sports or driving, it's easy to answer from your watch.

Sync Phone Book and Records: Sync phone contacts, phone records, phonebook, built-in Speaker and microphone, work, meeting, driving without missing an important call.

Smart watches with a variety of social prompts or displays: Receive various messages in real time, synchronize with mobile phones, support SMS reminders / push Line, Twitter, Facebook and other social application message content synchronous display, and various reminders dispensed synchronously. Smart Watch Features Page: Multi-swipe the smart watch, you will find this smart watch with a variety of function pages.Smart Watch Wallpaper Page: Long press the screen of the smart watch to change the wallpaper page. In addition, this smart watch can customize the wallpaper. You can put your favorite photos on the watch as wallpapers. There are many wallpapers to choose from, there is always one suitable for you Professional sports analysis: During exercise, you can check your exercise time and distance at any time. Changes in calories, stride, heart rate, and exercise goals. View all-day pedometer data and exercise data for the past seven days

Q&A: ①Q: How does the watch call the application Answer: There is a QR code in the manual. The mobile phone needs to download the application, and the mobile phone has the location function turned on. Open the connected Bluetooth watch in the app ②Q: Does the watch have a call reminder message reminder function? Answer: After connecting the watch to the mobile application, the watch will display information reminders and call reminders ③Q: Is the watch waterproof? -Answer: ip67 waterproof dip67 (please don't put it in hot water, please don't wear watch when swimming) ④Q: Is this the warranty of the watch? Answer: The watch is guaranteed for one year ⑤Q: A few days after payment will be shipped Answer: Shipped within 3 days ⑥Q: Do you want to buy a watch with a charger? Answer: With charger ⑦Q: How much does it cost to ship to my country? Answer: Free shipping ⑧Q: Does my product have a tracking number? A: Yes, we will send the tracking number of each order together with the order, and you can check its shipping status on the corresponding website. ⑨Q: Does your store support direct sales? (Wholesale) Answer: Our shop supports wholesale
Although the bracelet can monitor your heart rate, it cannot be used for any medical purpose, it is only to help people live a healthier life. All measurements results are for reference only. They are based on scientific algorithms and sensors. So please don't compare them to medical devices, we appreciate your understanding.

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