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Long Curly Hair Wig Women's Mixed Color Partial Rose Net Chemical Fiber Headgear

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Product Details
UPC: 4890100579355
Product Information
[Product Brand]: Beautyworks
[Product Number]: PF2505
[Product Material]: High Temperature Wire
[Product color]: Picture color (can be customized with a minimal order of 100 pieces)
[Product head circumference]: 56cm [Product weight]: 200g
[Product size]:55cm [Product style]: long curly hair

How to Wear

Wigs FAQ

(1) Wig hair loss: The newly produced wig will have some floating hair falling off, but it will not fall off after a little bit.

(2) The hairstyle is different from the picture: wigs are soft items and cannot remain unchanged like steel wires.There will be changes, and you can have any hairstyle you want.

(3) The wig was a little deformed after I received it. After the bumpy express delivery, it was a little deformed. After a little care, it will be OKOK.

(4) There is a color difference between the color and the color seen on the computer. The wigs produced by our company are all sample colors, and different monitors will have different colors.Color difference.

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