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Kitchen Joy's Mini Greenhouse

Our Mini Greenhouse is stylish and would enhance the appearance of any garden, patio, balcony, terrace or even indoors. It is designed especially for those who have limited space to grow your own flowers, seedlings, tomatoes, vegetable or herbs and spices. Made from a naturally durable and impervious cedar species and stained with a French gray UV-resistant paint.

Adjustable & Removable Shelving

Both shelves can be both adjusted in height to suit different plant sizes at each level or removed entirely to accommodate larger plants such as new-to-early tomato plants. Some may even use the floor to store garden tool, implements, gloves or even garden shoes.

Adjustable Roof Panels

The roof panels are adjustable to a wide angle and are easily secured into position with the simple loosening and tightening of wingnuts by hand. Owners can use this feature to make watering easier, to let in air, or the sun in sunnier climes.

Wall Brackets

One of the most important unique features of our mini greenhouse for the patio, balcony or terrace is the adjustable, sliding wall bracket, to secure the unit to a wall (wood or masonry) for stability during windy or adverse weather. The bracket (one on each side) has been designed to allow the unit to be fixed even if the wall behind it is uneven. All fittings are supplied.

'Damp-Proofed' Landing

The unit comes with pre-fitted 'feet' which have been fixed to the unit during manufacturing to reduce the assembly effort to a minimum. These will keep the unit off the ground by almost an inch - enough to ensure the wood is not in extended contact with water.

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