Outdoor Storage Shed 4'x6' FT Apex Roof White+Yellow

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A metal garden shed is usually a straightforward, single-story structure with a roof. They are an excellent option for those seeking durability and protection against fire, decay, or termites.

Apex roof sheds feature gable ends at the apex and represent the most common and cost-effective metal shed design. In contrast, pent roof sheds have a gently sloping roof that is nearly flat, ensuring that water does not accumulate on the shed's surface.


Our metal garden sheds are an ideal solution for your outdoor storage needs. They are most often utilized for storing items, pursuing hobbies, or serving as a workshop. The 4ft x 6ft model is designed to store and safeguard your garden tools in a robust and resilient patio storage shed. Constructed from electro-galvanized steel, these 4'x6' metal sheds boast a design that is twice as strong as the leading steel sheds available.

For assembly, it is recommended that 2 people undertake this project, allowing at least 6 hours to complete it.

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