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Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Outdoors in Winter

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【Spacious Planting Space】This portable greenhouse is wide and deep enough to allow plenty of room for your plants, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. With the elegant and simple natural design, it is suitable for a porch, backyard, balcony, or terrace, bringing your terraces, balconies, decks, and gardens a touch of green.

【Openable Top for Good Ventilation】foldable top of this wooden greenhouse let fresh air and more sunlight help plants grow and provide excellent ventilation. The sloping top design can also prevent water accumulation, providing a healthy ventilation system for your plants in different weather and beautifying your garden or patio.

【Effective Protection for Plants】Our outdoor greenhouse uses translucent polycarbonate boards, which help your plants fully absorb the sunlight and protect them from wind and rain. It can also extend the growing season and offer an ideal temperature, making your plants could enjoy the sun and grow healthily.

【Sturdy Structure】This outdoor mini greenhouse is made of aluminum for long-term use. And the frame is not easy to deform or crack, which expresses a rustic style that is easy with other decor and natural settings.

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