S26109 Elecony 26-Inch Fat Tire Bike Adult/Youth Full Shimano 21-Speed Mountain Bike, Dual Disc Brake, High-Carbon Steel Frame, Front Suspension, Mountain Trail Bike, Urban Commuter City Bicycle

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Unique Shock Absorbing Design

- These all-terrain MTB feature shock-absorbing front forks.

- The thickened outer wall is more resistant to shocks.

- The thickened shock absorbers help absorb shocks.

- The parallel bars can adapt to pressure road conditions.

- Greatly improve the comfort during riding and allows you to enjoy riding.

Full Shimano Gearing Kit

- Unlike some sellers who use low-cost grip shifters, we feature a full Shimano gearing kit.

- We use not just gears and rear derailleurs, but also Shimano grip shifters.

Wider Tire For More Fun

- Width up to 4 inches, 5 times more wear resistance than ordinary bicycle tires.

- Strong grip and anti-slip, fully capable of challenging any terrain.

- Can conquer any off-road trails, city roads, beaches and snow.

- Allows kids to focus on playing!

Double Disc Double Safety

- These fat tire bikes feature a dual disc brake system.

- Both front and rear are equipped with mechanical disc brakes.

- This can greatly reduce the braking distance and ensure that you can stop immediately in case of emergency.

Rugged Frame

- The frames of these mountain bikes are made of high carbon steel for strong support strength.

- Ergonomically designed, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

- They provide a safe and reliable travel solution for you.

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