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Superhero Battle 3-Piece Bathroom Flooring Set

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Welcome to Eye Am Inspired, where we believe that Black Superheroes matter and that we can empower Black boys through our products. Our "Superhero Battle" 3-Piece Bathroom Flooring Set is the perfect addition to your home decor, and it's sold exclusively at The Power Through Peace and Unity Store from Eye Am Inspired. Upgrade your home and our community by purchasing home decor for a cause.

Our Bathroom Anti-Slip Carpet Set Production Process uses transfer printing on 100% polyester fiber material, which makes it durable in water absorption, not easy to deform, and environmentally friendly. The full-width printing and single-sided printing design make it a unique and stylish addition to your bathroom. The set includes a rectangular floor mat, a U-shaped mat, and an O-shaped cover, making it perfect for any bathroom occasion, including the toilet, dressing table, holiday home, master bathroom, children's bathrooms, guest suites, and more.

Our "Superhero Battle" 3-Piece Bathroom Flooring Set is made of flannel fabric and non-woven point plastic at the bottom, which makes it easy to clean, maintain, and shake off dirt. The U-shaped toilet floor mat is close to the ground, cutting off moisture, and the set is thick and comfortable to the touch, making it perfect for your feet. The non-slip plastic bottom ensures that it won't damage your floor, and it's not easy to lose hair.

By purchasing our "Superhero Battle" 3-Piece Bathroom Flooring Set, you're not only upgrading your home decor, but you're also supporting our mission to empower Black boys. Join us in our cause and make a difference today!

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